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I am the sixth generation of veterinarians in my family (father, mother, sister, wife, oncles, grandparents, great and great-great grandfather…all veterinarians). My ancestors were already taking care of cows and horses. This veterinarian’s bag was orginially from my father. I have inhereted it. Just like me, my father has been working on antidopping control for 25 years.

In this work, I am looking after the health of the horses. I love horses, they are beautiful animals,  their anatomy is amazing.  If they have some kind of injury, they don’t have to compete. Horse-injuries are difficult to heal and to force them to compete could be fatal for them. Animal well-being is really important to me. It is inside of me, it is in my blood.

Miguel Rodríguez

Veterinario de Control Antidopaje